"Whereas one of the most important areas of learning is art in all its forms - for although we must strive to prevent self-annihilation, life is not worth living without the arts"
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Mr. Christopher DeVries (Vocal Music Director)
Mr. DeVries is the instructor in General Music, Chorus and Advanced Chorus. He is also leading our Men's Choir and is the vocal director for the spring musical.
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Mr. C. Craig Fattey (Instrumental Music Director)
An instructor of Instrumental Music, Mr. Fattey also leads our Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble. He is a well known local musician who performs regularly in various venues. He has conducted the student orchestra for our musicals since 1993.
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Mr. Scott Hosken (Chairperson of the Fine Arts Department)
Mr. Hosken is the chair of the Fine Arts Depatment. As such, he supervises the academic portions of our program. Mr. Hosken also teaches General Art and Studio in Art I and II. He moderates the Art Club and lends his visual talents to our dramatic productions designing and painting the more complex elements of the set and props.
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Mrs. Pat Kaczmarczyk (Fine Arts Secretary)
In addition to her duties as the school receptionist, Pat has been the backbone of the Fine Arts Department since 2002 coordinating mailings, ticket sales and calendars for the Department.
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Ms. Mollie McDermott (Makeup)
Ms. McDermott is an active member of Ghostlight Theatre, a community theatre group, and leads the makeup department for our plays. In school, she teaches mathematics and assists with our technology department Ms. McDermott is also a member of PAVAS.
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Mr. Michael Messore (WSTF-TV)
Mr. Messore teaches Freshman and Sophmore Honors English and AP Composition. He is also the coach of the Wrestling Team and moderates WSTF-TV, our newest addition to the Fine Arts offerings at St. Francis
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Mr. Thomas O'Malley (Moderator of The Banner and The Odyssey)
A veteran member of our faculty, Mr. O'Malley teaches junior and senior English. He is also responsible for the publication of The Banner, the school newspaper, and The Odyssey, the literary magazine. Mr. O'Malley is an avid writer who has had several of his own works published in the local media.
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Fr. Mark David Skura (Director of Fine Arts)
Fr. Mark is the Director of Fine Arts, the Director of Drama, and a member of PAVAS. An alumnus of the Class of 1971, Fr. Mark also works with the stage crew and teaches Religious Studies to sophomores. When time allows, he enjoys participating in local community theatre as a director and actor.
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Mrs. Mich Sojda (Costumes)
An alumni parent and a member of PAVAS, Mrs. Sojda has assisted our dramatic productions with her costuming skills since 1998.
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Mr. Jason Torres (Choreographer)
Mr. Torres is a dance instructor at several local studios and has been our choreographer since 1999. He is a 1989 graduate of St. Francis and a member of PAVAS. In 2003, he helped us win the Destiny Award for best choreography for his work on Barnum.
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Mr. John Zygaj (House Manager)
Mr. Zygaj is the Dean of Students and an instructor in Philosophy. After assisting with the house for several years, he assumed the duties of House Manger in 2008.